Indochina Unique Tourist

Our Mission

Connecting global travelers with local businesses, building stronger sustainable tourism in the region where travelers, our business and our community all gain benefits.

Our Products

  • Inbound & Outbound tours
  • Caravan Tours
  • MICE packages
  • Hotel/ Resort Reservation
  • Transportation
  • Air/ Train Tickets
  • Visa Arrival Services/ Extend
  • Passport

Our Customers

  • Global & National Travelers
  • Overseas Tas/TOs
  • Travel Agents/ Tour
  • Operators

Our Markets

  • Vietnam
  • Thailand
  • Taiwan
  • Malaysia
  • Korea

Life is Short. Travel More

We believe that every journey you make bring you closer to amazing cultures and promised to be life worthwhile experiences. Without doubts your travel contributes a lot into the development of your destinations. That’s why we are born. We connect travelers to authentic experiences by local Vietnamese providers rooting from friendly-family business. Let’s together we share passions for adoring stunning natural landscapes, respecting history and protecting vibrant Vietnamese culture.

Thuy Nguyen Son, CEO

our Team

Let's meet our young, talented and dedicated team of operators.

Indochina Unique Tourist General Manager

Thuy Nguyen Son

General Manager



(+84) 908 000 561

Indochina Unique Tourist Operation Manager

Thao Thai My

Operation Manager



(+84) 977 906 611

Indochina Unique Tourist Inbound Operator

Thu Dinh Minh

Inbound Operator



(+84) 978 694 911

Indochina Unique Tourist Outbound Operator

Tra Pham Thi Thanh

Outbound Operator

(+84) 915 317 335